Trump Says He Could Shoot Somebody On The Street And He Still Wouldn't Lose Any Voters



Duh? Of course that’s true.  In any other situation over the course of human history I would say that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.  That a person running for president could say he wouldn’t lose a single voter if he shot somebody. Normally that would absolutely end a person’s bid for president.  But this isn’t just any other time in human history.  This is Trump’s time.  He’s found a way to completely turn everything on its head and be able to say whatever he wants without losing support. Forget about losing any voters. The crazier things he says the more voters he gets. He will undoubtedly get a bump after those comments.  It’s downright impressive and the chaos of it all is fantastic. That’s how I’ve decided to look at it. Is it a little scary that the future of the country is hanging in the balance? Maybe a little but fuck it. Time to embrace the chaos. What we’re seeing right now we will never see again. Or maybe we will in 4 years when Trump is running for re-election. Who knows.