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RoLo And Porzingis Swatted Away Chris Paul Like A Gnat Tonight

More than 14 feet of Knicks pushing Chris Paul away after CP3 pulled his usual bullshit where he is sticking his nose in everyone’s business while dropping under-the-radar elbows and whatnot. Oh yeah, and he was cutting up the Knicks on the floor by swishing and dishing. But I liked seeing our Latvian angel get a little dirty down low as Anthony Mason smiled down from heaven.

As for RoLo, I think he lost his damn mind for a minute and joined the Dark Side of the Force.

Which the crowd loved because everyone hates the Clippers. Thankfully they won’t get past the Spurs or the Warriors in the playoffs unless something goes seriously wrong. Too bad the Knicks got absolutely mollywhopped afterwards in their worst loss of the season. But still, fuck the Clips.

And we also got a glimpse of Joey Crawford in the NBA Review Center. I think Joey was just watching highlights from some of his greatest ejections, with at least 3 TVs devoted to the times he tossed Tim Duncan.