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New York Jets Off-Season Mailbag & NFL Championship Weekend Picks

A quick hitting five New York Jets off-season questions, which you submitted in via Twitter followed by NFL Championship Weekend picks…



Probably not. The Jets are most likely to hit Wilkerson with the franchise tag and continue working on a long term contract with him. It would take a major collection of picks (or one built around at least a first round selection) for them to trade him away. 

The default answer is a first rounder. However, if a team offered multiple second round picks, with one of them being a conditional first rounder it would be hard to turn down as well. You need to be getting multiple assets or a first round pick back for a proven All-Pro caliber player. 

Hell yes. Ryan Quigley was a nightmare last year, like the rest of the Jets special teams. Draft somebody in the 7th round. Sign a free agent. Find somebody who isn’t good for one 21 yard punt every game. 

Milliner will be back next year because it costs more money to cut him than keep him at this point. He is a first round talent who simply can’t stay healthy. He will start out as the team’s fourth or fifth corner in training camp and need to work his way up the depth chart for a regime who did not draft him. 

Landry did have 30 more catches but despite that only had about 100 more yards than Decker AND EIGHT less touchdowns. It doesn’t make much sense but when has the Pro Bowl ever made sense?


New England (-3) at Denver: I want to talk myself into Denver but it is hard to bet on Gary Kubiak against Bill Belichick, particularly when the Broncos offense has looked so, so bad recently. The only way the Broncos win is if they dominate special teams and the turnover battle.

Carolina (-3) vs. Arizona: This game is a coin flip but the Panthers will have the best player on the field (Cam Newton) and home field advantage.