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Is "The Indian Wars" Commercial The Weirdest Commercial Ever?





So KFC just tweeted about how the Chris Bosh, Kevin Nealon, and Arnold Palmer is so strange (watch here). Totally agree, it’s very strange. But, if you ask me, nothing holds a candle to NARF and The Indian Wars. A Native American in an ill fitting suit and 90s style backwards flat brim, rapping about the Native American Rights fund while little dudes in indian costumes dance around the stage is downright BIZZARE. I asked Kevin and he said they don’t get this in NYC, so maybe it’s a regional thing, but this comes on all the time during the Seinfeld hour and I’m still not totally sure what I’m watching. I think it’s a threat? Like one of those coded, subconscious signs that activate Russian spies? I mean “red nation, rise,” call the tribes to action, one nation can you imagine,” and “the Indian Wars never ended they just changed venue, to be continued…” isn’t exactly mincing words. That’s some “the south will rise again” bullshit. That’s an outright threat. Is that what’s happening? Chief Raps In Weird Commercials is interrupting my Jewish comedy hour in order to start a race war? Listen here, pal, we stole this land fair and square. We gave you guys casinos, what more could you want? Leave me alone and let me enjoy Jerry and George’s hijinks without being bothered by your peculiar raps.