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The Nats Have A Big Contract On The Table For Cespedes And All He Wants Is a Reasonable One From The Mets

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What are the Mets DOING? It’s actually insane how cheap they are. The Nats are offering Cespedes everything in the world. 5 years, 100+ million. And he is just sitting there twiddling his thumbs waiting for the Mets to offer him anything. Anything at all. The Nats are trying to give him more years and more money than any other team, and he’s like “seriously Mets, just put a reasonable offer in front of me and I’ll sign today”, AND THEY WON’T DO IT.

The Nats never intended on signing him. They traded Storen for Ben Revere to solidify the outfield. So KFC might be spot on that this is all a conspiracy to force the Mets to sign Ces. Who has huge pockets of moneys and are teams the Mets and their fans despise? The Yankees and Nationals, who just so happened to get in on the Cespedes sweepstakes in the last week. And all the while, Yo is just turning down fancy steak dinners and anal from the Nats in hopes the Mets take him to Panera and give him a hand job. He just wants the Mets to jerk him off, nothing too fancy.

It is so completely ridiculous that the Mets wouldn’t sign this guy. He put that team on his back, carried them to the World Series with that lights out pitching staff. They were a historically bad hitting team before he got there. And the Mets are going to let him walk down 95 to the Nats? If this was the NBA they would straight up make the Mets re-sign him. They’d be like are you shitting me? They have the money, they are just the cheapest motherfuckers on the planet. Makes me laugh out loud. How can a team be so fucking stupid? Do they not see that pitching staff? Are the Mets really, REALLY ok with Cespedes playing for the Nationals. He’s fucking begging the Mets to let him stay, just for a reasonable amount of money. How can they be such a stupid fucking team?

A lot of baseball people have written they never thought he was leaving the Mets and this is all a powerplay by his camp to keep him in New York. Appears that way more than ever now. But I guess there is a chance he actually does come to DC too. I just hope if he does sign here he’ll play like he wants to be here. That lineup with Rendon, Bryce, and Yo is going to terrorize folks. Hopefully Cespedes decides he’s tired of the Mets cheap as hell bullshit and comes down to the land of milk and honey.