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Cop Responds To A Complaint About Kids Playing Basketball Too Loud Then Throws Down A Nasty Dunk




Just a little feel good video to get your Friday going. Cop posterizing some neighbor kids on a call. I love the officer’s reaction when he first gets there. You think he’s gonna freak the fuck out and tell everybody to shut the hell up cause they’re being too loud and it’s gonna be a downer video but then he basically says, “Can you believe somebody called to complain about kids playing basketball? Who does that? Gimme the rock and watch what I do with it.”  I’m also gonna choose to believe that he volunteered to take the call so he could show off his sweet dunking abilities. Constantly bragging around the office about how good at basketball he is. Probably had dreams of being an NBA superstar but then something happened.  He realized he was white and it’s hard to be a professional basketball player with all that whiteness.  Not gonna lie though, he got up there like a young Vince Carter. So what if they lowered the hop so the white cop could dunk?  Let the nice man live his dream.