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I Wish I Had More Of a Problem With a Dead Deer On The Side Of The Road Being Brought To a Chinese Food Restaurant

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WSOCTV - The Cabarrus County Health Department is investigating after a woman said she saw roadkill being taken to a Concord restaurant over the weekend. That woman took a picture Sunday afternoon after she saw the people in the car pick up a dead deer off the road and throw it in the back of a car. She recognized the car from it delivering food to her home and office. “I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be identified. She called police after the car drove behind China Fun with the roadkill in the back. “They were backed up to the restaurant door with that dead deer in that car they use for delivery,” the witness said. Police turned the case over to the Cabarrus County Health Department. “We went there and found, indeed, they had slaughtered a deer, or were cutting up a dead deer in the back of the parking lot and had already brought parts inside, into the sink,” County Health Director William Pilkington said.

Channel 9 caught up with the restaurant owner Sunny Chen Wednesday who said he was the one driving the Versa in the photos that a viewer sent in. Chen told reporter Joe Bruno that he stopped and picked up the deer from the side of the road. He said his friend told him he could take the deer. Chen told Bruno he wanted it because he never had eaten deer before. He apologizes to his customers, but said he was never going to serve the deer. It was just for him, Chen said.



All you can do is nod your head and laugh. OF COURSE Chinese food restaurants are serving all sorts of meats back there, it’s not a shock. I hate to break it to you, but there’s roughly a 150% chance you’ve eaten rat, dog, alley cat, unexpected Chinese baby, or road kill deer. As long as they slather enough sauce on the meat, it’s all the same. You really think you’re getting some free range, organic ass chicken in your General Tsos? Fuck to the no. You’re getting whatever is scrummaging around the dumpster that day. Is it a raccoon? Is it the neighborhood cat that little Sally Sue is hanging up posters to help find? Your guess is as good as mine.

It’s just like when people are like “Taco Bell’s meat is F grade, how terrible!”. Shut the fuck up, hipster. If you don’t want F Grade meat, don’t go to the Taco Bell, it’s not rocket surgery. You get the meat you deserve.

I especially love restaurant owner Sunny Chen not apologizing, but saying he just wanted to try deer meat. No better way to try deer meat for yourself than to drive it to the back of your Chinese food restaurant and begin butchering it along with the rest of the food. Definitely no better way than that! Bless your heart, Sunny Chen. Just don’t let anyone know what else they’ve eaten. When it comes to Chinese food, I for sure don’t need a peak behind the curtain.

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