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I Might Be Back On French Fries After McDonalds Just Introduced Chocolate Covered Fries




Last week I had a bit of a Twitter meltdown where I agreed that french fries are garbage, and while I still generally agree with that (I had Burger King last night, idiotically got fries and had one handful before I tried to put them to good use by putting them on my burger) I have to tip my cap to McDonalds here. That’s how you go and do something insane, and totally redeem yourself. Potato, salt, and chocolate? Hello, heaven, I’ve been wondering if you existed. My only issue with this is the white chocolate. Chocolate is not an equal opportunity employer, chocolate does not have to follow the opposite of the Rooney Rule, and no one has ever shied away from admitting that the content of white chocolate’s character is far inferior to the content of black chocolate’s character. There’s only one chocolate that I acknowledge and it’s black, milk chocolate. Get your stupid white sugar out of here, it’s ruining my french fries.