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Coach Thibs Has Been On Sportscenter The Past Couple Of Days And He Is Just As Grumpy And Bad At Being An Analyst As You'd Expect




Don’t do jokes with me, Bucci!






Just a quick shout out to our old friend Tommy T on Sportscenter yesterday. If you closed your eyes and imagined what Thibodeau would be like on television then you were not dissapointed in the least. Grumpy, mumbling, reading from his very meticulous notes the entire time and overall just not very good, which is EXACTLY what I wanted. I don’t want to live in a world where Tom Thibodeau is a good basketball analyst. He was put on this earth to do one thing and one thing only, coach. So as great as it was to see him, I’d rather he be back in his jumpsuit screaming and yelling at a practice or game. Just please don’t go to Cleveland, that would shake me to my core.




Also loved Thibs talking about how much he likes Bobby Portis. If Thibs was still coaching this team Bobby Portis would be getting less time than Hoiberg gives him, which is almost physically impossible. Coach Thibs probably still wouldn’t know Bobby Portis’ name.