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Jim Harbaugh Goes Outside In The Middle of the Night And Climbs A Tree To Impress A Recruit

FreepAccording to Wolverine247, Harbaugh was going to join U-M assistant Jay Harbaugh and two others (defensive coordinator Don Brown and linebackers coach Chris Partridge) with Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola four-star cornerback David Long Jr. Monday night. Long will be announcing Thursday on ESPN’s “Recruiting Nation” show.

Sports Illustrated reported Monday night that Harbaugh not only played catch with Long but, for some unknown reason, was recorded climbing a tree. Long caught the climb and posted it on Snapchat.

People have Harbaugh fatigue? I can kind of understand that. Nobody likes to see the same guy popping up in stories day after day after day. Especially in the internet world we live in, everyone is immediately skeptical that it’s all just for a character, to build some PR, to capitalize on hits and pageviews.

But here’s the thing with Harbaugh. Is there any doubt in ANYONE’S mind that this isn’t all totally 100% genuine? Like do you honestly think in your heart that Jim Harbaugh wakes up in the morning and thinks hmmm, what can I do to go viral on Twitter today? This is just him. This is how he operates in his brain. Harbaugh doesn’t sleep over a recruit’s house because it will play well on blogs – he does it to steal someone’s fucking kicker and make them a Wolverine. He doesn’t only drink whole milk and put Gatorade in his Cheerios and wear $10 khakis every day of his life to be an internet personality – he does it because he’s clinically insane.

So when I see a Snapchat video of Jim Harbaugh scaling a gigantic tree in someone’s backyard in the middle of the night I know for a fact that the only goal he has in mind is making that tree his bitch as some sort of personal challenge, and proving to a recruit that he can do it. Might not even care about that particular recruit that much, probably just wanted to show off for him. That’s Harbaugh life, and I for one appreciate the hell out of it.