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Charles Barkley Reminds Everyone He Hates Skip Bayless, Calls Out Know-It-Alls In The Media

Its no secret that the Chuck Wagon hates Skip Bayless. He’s called him an asshole and an idiot on multiple occasions. But you gotta love Sir Charles just continually reminding everyone. Like “Just an FYI! Still hate that guy!” Its like as long as Skip Bayless is out there saying dumb shit, Charles will be on Turner Broadcasting telling people he sucks. Keeps the universe in balance.

And his more general point is an important one. The sports media world is running wild with know-it-alls who think they’re an expert on every damn topic. Every statement is some grand, black and white, all or nothing proclamation. Every opinion is a line in the sand and its either “You’re with me or against me.” Its not just the personalities either. Its the fans and viewers who buy right in to the whole shtick. I mean I get it. Controversy puts asses in the seats. But there are shows out there sometimes with 3 guys all screaming at the top of their lungs about topics that are completely opinionated or debates where there is no right answer. Its bananas. Not every TV personality knows everything about every topic, and not every topic has a bonafide, clear cut answer.

The world needs more Chuck’s out there who are just like “I dont really know, but I think…” and leave it up to the viewer to decide whether or not to agree with him. I’m fat, I’m funny, I was an awesome basketball player, and here’s what I think. If you dont agree I dont care. The rest of the world needs to do it like Charles.