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Some Slick Hands Were On Display Across The NHL Yesterday

I’m a firm believer that the best part of hockey are the goals and the dangles. I get that there’s something you can appreciate about a nice 2-1 game with great team defense and phenomenal goaltending. But I have a simple mind and am a whore when it comes to highlights. It’s the reason why I grew up idolizing players like Alex Kovalev instead of guys like Nick Lidstrom. So if you’re like me and a good old fashion toe drag not only tickles your fancy but tickles your nuts as well, then you had yourself a day yesterday. First we have Vinny Lecavalier here scoring his first goal as a Los Angeles King and his first goal of the 2015-16 season after getting dealt from Philly. I’m glad Vinny is getting a shot to play in LA because it would have really sucked watching a future Hall of Famer go out the way he was goingwith the Flyers. So you stick him out there with Marian Gaborik and Jeff Carter and obviously he’s in a better position to light the lamp that he would be playing with RJ fucking Umberger. The pass from Gaborik, though lucky, was an absolute beauty. And then that handle and finish just proves that Lecavalier still has a little more left in the tank for the Kings this season.

Filip Forsberg Is A Bad Man

Well now that’s just cruel and unusual. Not only did Filip Forsberg snap the ankles of his fellow countryman Jonas Brodin once, but he went back to finish the job a second time to add insult to injury. It looked like Brodin decided to walk around the parking lot with his skates on before the game. The only thing more embarrassing than getting turned completely inside-out like that twice are those atrocious yellow helmets the Predators wear on Saturdays. I don’t know who gave those buckets the green light but they, along with whoever sharpens Brodin’s skates, should be fired on the spot.

Put Robby Fabbri In A Text Book

It’s been a real tough stretch for Alex Galchenyuk lately. First he gets beat up by his crazy ex-girlfriend, then he gets beat even worse by Robby Fabbri in overtime. You can’t draw up a toe drag any better than that. Kind of bullshit that Lehtera came and and snaked that goal away because if Fabbri finished this one off on his own then we’d have a top 10 of the year nominee on our hands. But yeah, pray for Galchenyuk’s ankles.

Zucc Juke

The Rangers beat the Flyers in a shootout yesterday. More on that to come tomorrow but this was the only goal scored in the shootout and holy smokes was it disrespectful. Zuccarello had Mason beat on the first move and could have just roofed it backhand. But then he realized that was just a little too easy for his liking so he brought it back to the forehand and beat Mason even worse. There’s nothing you can do on that one. You can maybe try a desperation poke check but then you run the risk of getting beat even worse. As much as I hate the Rangers, I have nothing but respect for that little troll. As someone who is under 5’10”, it’s in my DNA to love all the midgets in the league. One of us.

Speaking Of Hands…

Okay so I just had to throw this in here at the end as a warning to the rest of the league. Because 6’7″ Flyers prospect Sam Morin is going to be the next bully in the NHL. He lays the body and good luck trying to square up with him in a fight. If you have a star player in the Metropolitan division, you’re shitting your pants just thinking about when Morin finally gets the call up. Once he packs on a little more weight onto that gigantic frame of his, look out.

And here’s an idiot in Russia blocking a shot with his face. Happy Sunday.