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1-16 NHL Standings


Before this day becomes nauseating with a homer talking about dynasties, I want to take some time to talk about a dynasty.  The NHL has a system in place to make sure parity exists and dynasties are broken up. The Hawks lose Saad, Sharp, Oduya, Richards, and Vermette over the summer. Then they lose Marcus Kruger to injury. The rest of the NHL was dancing in the streets. Dallas this, LA that, blah blah blah. The dust has settled and the talk of the Blackhawks demise was widely exaggerated. It’s January 16th, the Blackhawks have won 10 straight, and they are currently sitting a top both the Central Division and the Western Conference.

Now a wise man once asked me “Who the fuck cares about February and March?!” so I’m sure the Blackhawks will have a little slump in the 2nd half of the season and media types will insinuate that somebody is fucking Coach Q’s dog or something and that so-in-so is getting traded, but remember, the Hawks are still the alpha dog in the league and that won’t change as long as Toews, Kane, Keith, and Coach Q are around. #DynastyReign


Patrick Kane had his first career hat-trick last night.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “how can that be Patrick Kane’s first career hat-trick?”. Answer: it’s not. Kane normally just saves his hat-tricks for the playoffs. But he’s too hot this year. Everything is going in so he was bound to get one during the year. My personal favorite Patrick Kane hat-trick was 2009 against Vancouver in the playoffs.

Kane is the runaway favorite for MVP this year. He came into the league as a one-dimensional talent, and has evolved into the best player in the league. All while winning three Stanley Cups along the way. He’s put it all together and he’s only 27 years-old.

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Brian Bickell was put on waivers again today. I’d say that there’s a less than 1% chance that someone puts a claim in on him, so Bickell will likely go to Rockford for the 2nd time this year. This move saves the Blackhawks $950k against the Cap, and every dollar counts when you’re headed towards the trade deadline. Bickell played better immediately after returning from his previous stint in the AHL, but his game regressed back to what it was. It’s a bad situation for all parties involved. It’s hard to feel bad for a guy making $4M per year, but it can’t be fun to be married, almost 30 years-old, and playing in the American with a bunch of kids in some podunk town. I want to like Bickell. The Blackhawks don’t win the Cup in 2013 without him, and I love the charity work he does with dogs, but he’s been a major disappointment for the majority of his career. He turned two great months into $4M AAV and that contract probably cost the Hawks their chance to keep either Saad or Sharp. I’m not a doctor, but it wouldn’t surprise me if something was wrong with Bickell physically. He had a knee operation over the summer. He had that weird stretch with vertigo. Maybe Bickell should just tell everyone he’s hurt and go on long-term IR

Hawks save $4M and he’s not living in some Courtyard by Marriott in Rockford. Win-win.



Regardless of what happens with Bickell, the Hawks are in good shape heading down the stretch and now have a bit of cap flexibility to add another defenseman. The Dynasty is still in full swing, and the Hawks might add some regular season hardware to the shelves this year.


PS: Having kids must be the worst. Look at this poor dad. He’s been a miserable Leafs fan for probably 35 years. He works hard, probably drops $500 on a Friday to bring his little bandwagon-jumping weiner kid to the game and has to watch him celebrate in his face on his dime.