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Barstool Deal of the Month - Spotify Subscription for 50% Off

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Last month we partnered with a company called Benjamin to give Stoolies a HULU deal.  People loved it.  They ate it up. They said give us more Pres.  Give us more.  Okay we will.  From now on we’re doing one deal a month I approve of for the Stoolies that you can’t get anywhere else. These will be deals that I think our readers will actually like and would be crazy to pass up. This month we got a year subscription to Spotify for 50% off. This is not just for new users either, if you already have Spotify you can just tack it onto your already existing subscription. The deal is good until Friday at midnight so don’t come complaining to me Saturday morning when you have to pay full price for music. Get the deal using the widget above.

*Codes deliver within 48-72 hours of purchase via email