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The Eagles May Bring Back Brad Childress As OC So...Fuck It. Fuck It All.


via BGN

Yup. Fuck it. If this front office wishes to piss in our faces and tell us it’s raining, more power to them. But the smartest fan base in the world isn’t going to put up with it. We see right through that snake handler Howie hiring these pawns to do just good enough to have him retain a firm mouth grip on Jeffrey Lurie’s nuts. The worst part? We just have to sit back and take it up the tailpipe (Yes in 3 short sentences I realized we have no choice but to put up with it. Fuck everything.).

So what’s this balding beauty been up to since leaving the Eagles? Well, he had that failed run in Minnesota where he publicly ball-washed Brett Favre till the shine from the QB’s sack became more blinding then the sun. After getting fired, he spent a year as offensive coordinator in Cleveland where dreams go to die. Upon getting fired from the Factory Of Sadness, he has been with his boy Big Red in KC under the most blatant friendship title possible:

On March 28, 2013, it was announced that Childress would become the new “spread game analyst//special projects coach” for the team.

Jesus Christ, Andy. Just give him and all your other friends on staff an allowance why don’t you.

Remember when the Andy Reid regime didn’t win a Super Bowl for 13 years? Fun times. I’m not saying they weren’t the most successful seasons in recent Eagles history, because they absolutely were. And if Big Red were to win one there would be a King Sized Homer statue of that fat man in South Philly you can see from space. But the fact of the matter is they didn’t win a Super Bowl, and going backwards to try and recapture that era with the same people won’t work. I fundamentally can’t believe how this franchise can go from being the most forward thinking and progressive minds in the NFL back to the ho-hum West Coast Offense days. It’s mind bottling to the max. But this is what Jeffrey and Howie want. All’s well at the Novacare Complex just as long as their egos get waxed.

I swear to shit if they bring back Brad Childress I am rooting for an all out circus atmosphere that hopefully will lead to Howie’s firing and Lurie being forced to sell the team. I’m talking signing JFF, fist fights in the locker room, players banging out Howie’s wife and mistresses, dogs and cats living together – Mass Hysteria. This team is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions anyway, might as well root for the worst to eventually try and be reborn again.

PS – The front office actually picking out Aw Shucks’ staff for him is hilarious. Might as well coach for him, too, Howie. Fuck it, put on the pads and play while you’re at it. Gotta get in at least one down in your life.