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The Sixers May Suck But At Least They Have Montell Jordan Playing Halftime Shows


Oh you thought it was just going to be another typical miserable Thursday night in Philadelphia as a Philly sports fan? Well think again, my friend. Because just when you think that Philly sports are down and out for the count, something magical happens. Sure, today may not have gone according to plan after the Eagles may have had to hire their Plan E to fill the head coaching vacancy. But tonight? Well tonight Philadelphia ran the world because Montell Jordan was in the building to to play a halftime show at the Sixers game.

Literally hundreds of people on their feet and having the time of their life right there. Sure, the Sixers may be 4-36 this season but a free Montell Jordan concert? Well you just can’t get that experience back. And it wasn’t just any Montell Jordan concert. Hell no. That shit’s for the birds. This was the remix tour. Personalized lyrics for the Sixers because this is Philadelphia and we only deserve nice things.


So you tell me. You think Montell Jordan goes around all willy nilly throwing out replacement lyrics wherever he goes? Highly fucking doubtful, compadre. Now hit it.