Caps Play 7 Of Their Next 10 At Home, Looking To Stay Healthy And Maintain Their 10 Point Eastern Conference Lead

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Finally in the second half of the season. By now we all know the Caps are good—-really, really good. Best in the league good. They don’t just beat teams, they punish them. Even with injuries piling up and the number of guys without much experience playing more minutes, they aren’t slowing down.

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Everything about this team is just flat out great. The +49 differential through 42 games, the fact they aren’t any worse on the road than they are at home, how they’ve only lost back to back games once this season (considering they have 7 losses that’s not too surprising I guess). Not only are they the top in the East, but are five points ahead of the Stars for the league lead, and have played two fewer games. Nuts.

Ovechkin once again leads the league in goals and is 3rd in the very important stat of +/- with a +21. Holtby leads the league in wins, is second in GAA, and 3rd in Save %.

The Caps as a team are 2nd in goals scored, and 1st in fewest goals allowed. 2nd in PP%, and 4th in penalty killing. There’s no weakness on this team, besides the aforementioned injuries.

Now, obviously the easy thing to say for Rangers/Islanders/Flyers fans is the fact the Caps have never won a Cup. No arguing that. They certainly haven’t. But this team is scary good. The only thing working against them right now is the fact there is a whole half of the season to go. We know they can play together. We know they can beat anyone. Lots of great home games ahead with the Pens, Flyers, Rangers and Islanders all coming to town, as well as Bruce coming back with Anaheim. Staying healthy is the biggest concern. It’s a bit too early to start giving people days off to keep them fresh, but it’s also never too early to start thinking about the Playoffs.