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This Dude Eats Chinese Food Like A Goddamn Boss



The very definition of efficiency. I’ll even go as far as to call what we just witnessed art. Some people get their art fix from looking at a Picasso painting or a Da Vinci painting or a Banksy. Not me. My fix comes from a man eating Chinese food like a goddamn boss. That right there is my art and, whoever that guy is, he’s a great artist. He’s perfected his craft.  I’ve been eating Chinese food basically my entire life and I like to think I have a pretty good system that is both elaborate and efficient (this involves getting a bowl from the cupboard, putting rice in the bowl then dumping sesame chicken on top of said rice and mixing with a fork). Well I was wrong. I’ve got nothing on this guy.  Watch it a again.  Not a single wasted step in the whole process. It all happens so fast that it almost looks like a magic trick.  I wanna bring in golf analyst Peter Kostis and have him break down the guy’s form. There isn’t a flaw to be found.