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ESPN Does Segment On Successful Los Angeles Sports Franchises, Completely Disregards Kings Winning 2 Cups

Now I, just as the rest of you realize that ESPN does not give a single shit about hockey. It’s been that way for years now and not only have hockey fans come to terms with that, but I feel like it’s been something that has bonded us all together. The resentment of ESPN for completely abandoning the sport we all love so dearly is shared across all 30 fan bases. But with that being said, this segment on successful Los Angeles sports franchises since the Rams skipped town 20 years ago still feels like a spit in the eye and a swift kick to the dick.

I get that the Lakers are the top dog in LA. You’re not going to get any complaints from me on that front. I get that USC had years and years of being a perennial power in college football and those two national championships were huge. You’re not going to get any complaints from me on that front. But to then jump immediately to Magic Johnson becoming a part of the Dodgers‘ ownership group and completely skipping over the fact that the Kings won Stanley Cups in both 2012 and 2014? Well at least take me out to dinner before you fuck me like that, ESPN. I mean what does Magic Johnson have that the Los Angeles Kings don’t?

Okay so maybe Magic Johnson gets a point on this one. But still. This isn’t a cry or a plea to get people to #PleaseLikeMySport. It’s just a cry or a plea to at least not throw it behind someone taking part ownership of a baseball team. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Especially with ESPN taking the broadcast rights of the World Cup of Hockey in September.

Speaking of the Los Angeles Kings, it looks like those bozos are finally about to close the Kopitar deal that has taken them much too long to negotiate at this point.


That $10M AAV is slightly below the league leaders Kane and Toews at $10.5M but I guess you can count that extra half-mil as the hometown discount for Kopi. So I guess this means that Milan Lucic will be hitting the free market this summer and with the Flyers having some new found cap space on their hands, I’m intrigued by that to say the least.

Also, no matter how much I hate ESPN for ignoring hockey, I can never stay mad at them. Because they brought us the hottest track the game has ever had. And for the full minute that this song plays, I’m actually glad ESPN exists.

s/t Puck Daddy