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These Two Fast Food Twitter Accounts Are About To Fuck

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Get itttttttttttt, Jimmy Johns. Get it.  Get all up in Wendy’s sweet ass.  This is how you social media, folks. All other big companies on Twitter should take note.  You don’t tweet out tweets mourning the death of David Bowie while simultaneously advertising your shitty plastic show product. Nope.  You flirt with other big company Twitter accounts like Wendys on #KissAGingerDay. That’s advertising. These are the lessons that should be taught in colleges in Social Media 101.  Push the envelope and sell some sub sandwiches and burgers in the process.  The only thing hotter than actual foreplay is fast food foreplay. And you know what? It worked. I’m starving right now after reading that exchange.  I’m gonna order a Jimmy Johns sub and go to Wendys later to show them how much I appreciate this Twitter foreplay. Well played.



PS- That two first name comment cut through me like razor blades. Uh ever heard of Larry David? Or Jennifer Lawrence? Or Tracy Morgan? Read a book.


h/t sean