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I Actually Feel Bad For Bonnie Bernstein Getting The Hammer Of The PC Crowd Going The Other Way Last Night

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You know what? I actually feel bad for Bonnie Bernstein. This is the problem with 2016. You just never know when the PC crowd on twitter is going to embrace you or when they’re going to be against you and murder your mentions. Impossible to figure out which high horse one should sit on. Such a fickle fickle beast. Write a poorly researched hatchet job piece about Barstool, looking for attention and approval from a small clique of people who are constantly trying to one up each other in moral righteousness because they don’t have real talent and want to take the easy route to getting embraced on twitter (hypothetically speaking of course)? You win. Think of the children and tell someone to tone it down? Well that my friends is white privilege, suppressing a woman’s right to wear whatever she wants and a whole list of aggressions that are punishable by twitter death. I mean Bonnie Bernstein is wrong, no doubt. It’s the old Louis CK bit, explain Ciara’s dress to your shitty kids, that’s your job as a fucking parent. Not to mention Ciara was showing some sideboob but it wasn’t like she was Lil Kim with the purple starfish on the nipple, but that’s not the point.  The point is Bonnie Bernstein said something bad and people got mad and everyone felt better because they showed their friends online how bad of a tweet it is and how right they are. Fuck it all.



Yo but seriously, why was Ciara wearing a prom dress?


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Somewhere Waino is nodding at Bonnie’s tweet, as he fast forwards through all the Viagra commercials.