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And the Pussification of America Continues: Wisconsin Wants To Ban Chanting "Airball" and "Scoreboard" At High School Basketball Games



On Milwaukee - The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is trying to curb student-section chants at high school sporting events, including “Air ball!” and “Scoreboard!” with rules aimed at promoting respect. The WIAA, which has had the policy in place for years, sent out an email in December to reemphasize it, especially as pertaining to student cheers at games. But the rules only recently became news, thanks to a suspension of an athlete last week who lambasted them on Twitter.

Hilarious! This is the Sports Illustrated/Sporting News pussification of America. Everybody is a winner. Everybody gets a trophy. If a kid airballs a free throw you can’t yell airball even though that chant has been said in every single gym in America since the beginning of time. Nope kids are too soft nowadays. You can’t hurt their feelings. Everybody has to be nicey nice. You got to yell “Good try Jimmy! You almost hit the rim!” What a fucking joke. Hey I got a crazy idea. Why even keep score? That way nobody can yell “Scoreboard” either because nobody wins or loses. Everybody gets a pizza party at the end of the game and can hold hands and sing Kumbaya. I need Trump 2016 ASAP!

PS – This new rule is probably known as the Sam Decker rule in Wisconsin. Dude probably hated keeping score.