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Yeah, So, Sam Bradford's Numbers Without Any Dropped Passes Look Really, Really Impressive

Hey, drops are apart of the game. I’m not denying that. I will also confirm the fact that, after writing a thesis on defending Pat freaking Shurmer today, the Eagles have officially broken me. I will also not deny this organization has shoved me so far off course in life I have landed ass-backwards on the dick of this QB who has Twizzlers for tendons. And at this point, I don’t care. He’s all I got, and numbers like this give me some sort of validation and hope there can be actual joy brought back into my life sometime soon.

Even with the drops he still had the highest completion percentage by a QB in Eagles history. And it’s not like he wasn’t taking chances, either. Towards the end of the year that ball was zipping and soaring all over the field. You cut these drops in half and these Sleeves are Pro-Bowl bound. Imagine if this guy had WR’s that can actually, you know, receive? Or an O-Line that’s consistent game in and game out? Or a running game to help carry the burden? Give Bradford ANY help at all and you’re looking at one hell of a signal caller…and that’s if he doesn’t shatter, which is of course one big fucking if. I’ll defend him all day about his injuries (there’s a HUGE difference between being hurt and injured, Bradford has been injured), but even missing 2 games is two many.