Donald Trump Says "Football Has Become Soft Just Like Our Country"




Remember that Vanity Fair reporter a few years ago that agreed to get waterboarded so that he could speak from a more educated place when talking about torture? Well that’s what I need Trump to do here. I need Trump to go across the middle and let Vontaze Burfict launch himself at full speed at Donald’s head. Then and only then will I listen to how much football has been ruined. Because let’s be honest, there’s some truth that football has changed and sometimes refs will call bullshit penalties on perfect form tackles that appear to be violent, but what’s funny to me here is I get what Trump is doing. He’s recalling legends of the past to remind everyone how tough we once were. Funny thing is though, he conveniently left out names like Dave Duerson and Junior Seau. Those guys were awesome at delivering bone crunching hits. Wonder what happened to them? Oh that’s right, they both put a shotgun in their chest after they retired.


No one disagrees that football has changed and no one disagrees that some of the penalties are bad but the “football is soft” crowd is the worst. They’re just as bad as the people on the other end of the spectrum who don’t watch football because in their eyes it’s too violent. The game has evolved, people who say they don’t watch it anymore because it’s flag football are either liars or morons. I still watch every single Sunday. Officiating has to get better and the rule book is far from perfect but if you don’t watch football now because less people are being concussed then you were a shitty football fan to begin with. Now if Donald wanted to do a speech on the absurdity of what constitutes a catch in the NFL, then he would have my vote.




By the way, if you want to have a real problem with the officiating on Saturday night it’s not that football is soft or the Burfict hit, which was undoubtedly dirty, deserved a flag.





It’s the fact that the Gio Bernard hit wasn’t flagged which was clearly crown of the helmet to the opposition’s helmet and resulted in a brutal concussion.






I don’t have a problem with rule changes to make the game safer, just need consistency in how they’re called. I think any real football fan with even a half evolved brain can see the difference.




Now cue the people yelling at me about political leanings even though this post was about football and not politics.