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Update From Netsland: Brooklyn Fires Lionel Hollins, Reassigns GM Billy King To Another Role. So Basically Utter Chaos


As somebody that this week watched his team’s two-time Super Bowl champion coach get fired, that team’s QB almost reduced to tears, his favorite basketball player get chirped at by a bunch of scrubs on the Hawks, and the Nationals steal my unofficial catch phrase, please excuse me if I enjoy seeing the Barclays Center metaphorically burn.  I’ve not hidden that I have an axe to grind with the Knicks fans that became Nets fans back when the Nets moved to Brooklyn.  So to see this all devolve into utter chaos is nice.  It’s like when your fantasy football team gets eliminated from the playoffs and you just wish iill on everybody else’s team.  Same feelings apply here.

Now the Nets have a severe lack of talent on their roster, the New Arena smell has worn off at The Barclays and the Celtics own their next three best draft picks.  So good luck to Broooooooklynnnnnnnnnnn getting out of this mess and hiring a good GM or coach to fix all this.  And by the time they do, Kristaps Porzingis will be fully operational and winning MVPs by the dozen.

As for Billy King, he should hopefully land on his feet somewhere in the Celtics organization, because he did all he could to ensure Boston could become a superpower in the coming years.  Thanks Billy, you fucking dope!

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Now cue the soundbite for Lionel (and I’m sure Billy, whose “reassignment” is probably somewhere in Siberia).

These two tweets killed me.


And what is the Sunday version of Throwback Thursday? Because this billboard that the Nets put up right outside of Madison Square Garden a few years ago is definitely worthy of some sort of callback phrase. No way that could backfire, right Mikky?


Oh yeah, and this Jay-Z tweet is pretty wonderful too.