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Former Cardinals Scouting Director Pleads Guilty To Hacking Houston Astros Database

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(Source) The parties agreed that Correa masked his identity, his location and the type of device that he used, and that the total intended loss for all of the intrusions is approximately $1.7 million. Each conviction of unauthorized access of a protected computer carries a maximum possible sentence of five years in federal prison and a possible $250,000 fine.





I know people think I’m about to bash the Cardinals. Call them criminals and cheats and scumbags and pathetic losers that can’t play baseball the right way. But no, that’s not what I’m going to do. I am here to simply say, Cardinals, it’s not your fault. It’s not your fault you feel pressure from the Cubs. It’s not your fault the Cubs have a rising superpower about to take over the Central. It’s not your fault that Joe Maddon is a billion times better than Mike Matheny or that Theo and Jed can think circles around the entire Cardinals organization. It’s not your fault that free agents don’t want to live in St. Louis. It’s not your fault the Rams are leaving. And it’s not your fault that all this combined led you to spot where you had no choice but to cheat. I understand it guys, I get it. I would probably cheat too if I had exhausted all viable options and faced a fate of failure. Desperate and sad and pathetic. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault.








It is pretty insane how little publicity this story got. Wild. Fucking Cardinals.