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A Little Girl Will Never Be The Same After Watching Two Monkeys Have Sex On Her Car



Laugh out loud funny.  That little girl breaking down into tears once the monkeys started fucking was hilarious. As if the monkey’s pink spear dick hanging on the car like a hood ornament wasn’t traumatic enough. The monkeys decided to round all the bases.  Everyone learns about the birds and bees at different times. We all have a story. At my elementary school we had horrible sex education classes where old men would show us slideshows of everything and it was horrible. Nothing like having a complete stranger explain what sex is to a room full of weirded out 5th graders.  Or maybe your parents sat you down and had an educational talk with you. That’s probably the best way.  Or maybe your parents never sat you down and you learned OTJ training. OR your parents took you on a delightful safari tour featuring monkeys and one of the monkeys bent another monkey over the hood of the car and started going to town. That’s what the Christians would call baptism by fire. Hey, she was gonna find out some time.



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