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Tonight's Iowa-Indiana Game Postponed Because A Piece Of Metal Fell From The Rafters And Damaged Seats


So that’s fucking bizarre.  Not to mention a real bummer.  I was looking forward to tonight’s match up.  There aren’t many details yet but I guess a big ass piece of metal broke off of Assembly Hall and damaged some seats.  I’ve never heard of anything quite like that.  Can’t they just rope off that area and not let anybody sit there?  Are they afraid that more pieces of metal are going to fall and impale a bunch of unsuspecting fans?  I think that’s a risk fans would be willing to take in order to see the game played.  No word on yet on when the game will be played.  Get it together Indiana.

Update- Here’s video of the piece of metal falling.  No big deal.  Just a giant piece of metal that would’ve probably killed anyone sitting in those seats.