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The Bucs Firing Lovie Smith Proves That Being An NFL Head Coach May Just Be The Hardest Job On Earth


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I’ll be totally up front, I’m a little biased here because I always thought Lovie Smith was a good coach. His time had run its course in Chicago and it was one of those things where a change needed to occur but I never thought it was because he was bad. Yes he’s not great on offense (this may be an understatement) and his carousel of O-Coordinators was a joke, but if you stack up all the coaches in the NFL, Lovie is closer to the top than the bottom in my opinion. What this firing does prove to me once and for all though is that being an NFL Head Coach is an impossible impossible job. I mean look at what Lovie just did, he walked into a mess of a situation, took a 2 win team to 6 wins, and still got fired. What? 2 years, he got 2 years and then got kicked out of the door. And the tragedy of it all, his hand picked GM, the guy he personally brought in may have somehow gained enough power to get Lovie fired and his OC Dirk Koetter, a position Lovie has never ever been able to figure out, will probably get the new job. Brutal. That’s Shakespearean stuff.



Unless your name is Bill Belichick (because he’s the best), Marvin Lewis (because the Bengals will never change) or Jeff Fisher (because he’s the model of mediocre and you’ll never be awful), you are on borrowed time. Teams don’t even let guys have 2 years anymore. That will never make sense to me. I get it if you’ve lost the locker room like Trestman last year, but getting only 2 years to rebuild a mess is an insane ask. NFL Head Coaching just may be the hardest job on earth.




And no Lovie didn’t lose the Tampa locker room. If I know Lovie I know that. I bet he still has guys in the Bears locker room to this day that are pissed he got fired. Lovie’s guys are some of the most loyal in the league.



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