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Ken Griffey Jr. Gets The Highest Percentage Of Hall Of Fame Votes Ever With 99.32%

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99.32% edging out Tom Seaver for the highest percentage ever. 3 assholes didnt vote for The Kid. There’s no sense in getting in an uproar about that. Hall of Fame voters are notoriously stupid and illogical and to be honest there will probably never be a unanimous vote. There should be. There are PLENTY of players that should get 100% of the vote but Ken Griffey should have most definitely been one of them. His numbers speak for themselves but on top of all that, Griffey’s lasting image on baseball will the swagger and fun he brought to an otherwise stuffy game. Backwards cap on at the Home Run Derby blasting balls to the moon. A swing so sweet he got his own Jordan-esque silhouette to immortalize it.  Cleats so fire every kid wanted a pair. I know those things dont go into the Hall of Fame vote but to me, that stuff is way more memorable than the stats he put up. Which is saying A LOT.

PS – Imagine if he did steroids like his other contemporaries? Probably woulda hit a thousand dingers.

Dude had wheels and a glove like none other too: