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Barstool’s Capital One Cup Preview – The “Cap One Cup, Yaaaaaaay (Says Clubs Not In It)!” Edition [Part 2]


Hi haters,

Another wonderful afternoon of League Cup action! Who’s excited??


Yeah well, whatever. Like I said yesterday, some soccer is better than no soccer so let’s get to it.


A quick recap of what happened yesterday in Vine form:

Liverpool did TONS of this

And just enough of this

While Stoke spent 90 minutes doing nothing but this

Seriously though, just when you think Stoke had emerged as a legitimate force to be reckoned with they go and lose to a Liverpool side that was playing with zero forwards and roughly 1.5 attacking threats (and that’s being generous). Not a good look, Potters.


Also, to reiterate another thing I mentioned yesterday, one very important tidbit to keep in mind when thinking about the games: first legs of home-and-homes are typically played more conservative than you might think/hope, so I’d be a little hesitant to bet the house on there being a massive number of goals.


Everton (+220)
City (+110)
Draw (+260)

The line-ups are out and both clubs are playing surprisingly strong XIs today, which may come as a bit of a disappointment for Everton fans hoping they might get to see a weakened City side. Fact is though that Sergio Aguero has looked waaaaaay off the pace since coming back from injury, and while both City’s late goals against Watford were classy finishes, they more or less just papered over what was otherwise a very poor performance. In my mind there’s no reason to expect anything different today, especially against an Everton club that arguably has a slightly higher ceiling in terms of quality than does Watford. I’d love to call for a goalfest out of the blue, and both the clubs do have that potential – let’s not forget that Everton has been one of the most entertaining sides to watch so far this season – but the curse of the first leg is hard to shake off. I’m going 1-1 draw.




So there you have it: yet another craptastic soccer preview for what could be a potentially be a great game but is still being played as part of a craptastic competition. I’ll be back with another craptastic preview of this weekend’s FA Cup action on Friday. Don’t miss me too hard.



Sam U.L. Army