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The Brady’s Give Visitors To Their House Monogrammed Uggs Slippers



WWD – Currently, the Brady-Bündchen household is amply supplied with Ugg product, from scarves and coats to fluffy sheepskin rugs in the kids’ rooms. “We have a bench when you come in the house, and underneath my wife has a basket full of slippers. Whenever we have people over, she’s like, ‘Help yourself.’”



I know I exaggerate a lot, but this may be the most elegant, sophisticated, classy, MVP, move I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s a move that only Tom Brady and Gisele could invent. A move that I will incorporate into my life immediately. From this point forward when you enter Casa Del Pageviews I’ll kindly ask you to remove your shoes and give you monogrammed slippers to wear that you can keep as memento of your visit. And just because I’m one of those rare once in a million lifetime thinkers I’m also going to transition to having flip flops at my Nantucket home for the summer. It’s so classy I feel like I have champagne and cavier dripping out of my ears right now. The Bradys and the Portnoys…class personified.