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The Headbutting High School Basketball Coach (And Special Ed. Teacher) Seems Like A Real Gem On Facebook

Yeah…rough angle there but he clearly meant to knock him into the heavens. And great call by stripes on the charge, too. Those feet were set. Great D right there, baby. But, yeah, it was definitely intentional.

Now listen, I don’t know Neshaminy’s head basketball coach and special education teacher Jerry Devine. Maybe he’s a good person and he just brutally snapped after starting the season 1-7 or maybe he’s an outrageous asshole and something like this was bound to happen. I have no clue. And honestly I’ve played sports all my life and these eyes have seen a LOT worse than what went on here. Good Lord if social media was prevalent during my Little League, CYO, and Legion days there would be countless fathers still locked up. All I do know is A) Jerry Devine’s teaching career, and even his teaching days, are absolutely toast, and 2) Anyone who expresses themselves the way he does on Facebook is certified clownbait.






I’d say his Facebook posts rank somewhere in between your overly political (and 100% dumbass) Aunt and insecure exes who only post how great their lives are even though they’re dying inside. What exactly is the point? Sweet bird flip, pal. That’s a rough look for a 15-year-old wigger on social media let alone a grown man who affects the lives of special ed. students and young basketball players. I’m not saying he has the right to post whatever he wants, but I am saying it isn’t right. You gotta be smarter in the public eye and this simply shows Jerry Devine’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top. Guaranteed we’ll eventually find out it always stops halfway at the floor with all the hookers and blow. Dude just has that kind of face. But, hey, at least he still sends his useless sympathies to the French a month after every person who changed their profile pic had deemed they’ve done enough to help and switched it back to normal. Gotta respect that.