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Barstool Baltimore Podcast Episode 7: Nate Joins Us To Talk Redskins, Terps, and Caps


Here’s the deal. The Redskins are hosting a playoff game this week. Somehow, someway, Nate’s football team found a way to get into the playoffs, and the Ravens didn’t even sniff em. They’re relevant and we’re not right now, which I can’t even believe I’m typing. But it’s the way of  the world right now. So RDT and I being the nice guys that we are, we let Nate come onto our podcast to shoot the shit and kick more dirt on my grave.

We talked about Kirk Cousin’s emergence as a elite starting quarterback in the NFL, and I do my best to avoid his subtle jabs at my QB who’s won more than anything his ever will. We got some good chat in there about Diamond Stone and the Terps 2-0 start in conference play. And then we talked about the best team in the NHL and how Ovi has a decent shot at getting to Gretzky’s goal record when it’s all said and done. RDT and I even threw a little bonus O’s chat in there at the end for you baseball junkies.

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