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I've Got My Eye On Bella Thorne As Our Breakout Slu...Star Of 2016

I’ve been hearing whispers of this actress Bella Thorne for a while. Would see a paparazzi pic of her here and there while scouring the Internet, but then learned she was quite underage and I tucked her back into the back of my mind. Well, she’s 18 now. Not that it matters on this here website (see Maroney, McKayla), but it certainly is good for the soul when the girl flaunting the goods is 18 and above. Just makes you feel a little bit better. But anyway, this Bella Thorne lady is now 18 and I have my eye on her as someone with a high ceiling. We could be talking McKayla levels, but probably not quite Kylie levels. I like where the year is starting out- gym pic in the little bit too small sports bra. It’s only January 5th, don’t want to rush anything, but I like where her head’s at. Going through her progressions well, keeping it simple, making us wonder what’s next.

In case you needed more evidence/assurance, I present this pic from 2 weeks ago. She knows hundo p what she’s doing here:

And well…these too. Stay tuned folks. Stay very tuned.