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Grizzly Fan vs Penguins Fan For Lunatic Of The Day, Who Ya Got?

Whoa, have you been crunching?


As much as I want to give it to the Penguins guy, because anyone with that much chest hair is absolutely terrifying, it has to be Grizzlies fan in a blowout right? Face Paint is bad. Face painting your eyelids so they look like the yellow eyes of a Grizzly Bear is a different level. That has psycho written all over it.


1 For Penguins Fan, 10 for Grizzlies Fan


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I’m pretty sure Grizzly guy is wearing a ticket lanyard. Little known fact about Big Cat, HUGE ticket lanyard guy. Wore one for the first time at the Rose Bowl a few years ago, revolutionized my sports watching experience. Hands free for drinks, high fives, whatever. Just so much room for activities.