Ronda Rousey Is Coming Out Of The Shadows To Host SNL On January 23rd

I can’t say I’m the least excited about Ronda Rousey returning to our lives. I had already forgotten about her. That other chick knocked her the fuck out and that was pretty much it for me with Rousey. The allure was gone. The shine dimmed. She wasn’t this bad ass unbeatable bad bitch anymore. So her returning out of the woods to host SNL, don’t careeeeeeeeeeee. I’d rather Holly Holm host. I live in a “what have you done for me lately” world. Next man up. If you ain’t first you’re last. Holm is the new hotness, Rousey is so 2000 and late. By the time her movie she’s filming or about to film comes out, she’ll just be dust in the wind.

And real quick, I had to Google who Adam Driver and Chris Stapleton are. Am I dumb for not knowing Adam Driver is the bad guy in Star Wars? Is he going to be known forever as “the bad buy in Star Wars” or is he actually a legit actor? And same with Chris Stapleton. No clue. Pumped about Selena though. Plunging neckline time.