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The Pops Of Sixers PG Kendall Marshall Goes FULL Dad Mode After Telling Random Stoolie On Twitter To Call Him Cause "Shoots Shit Straight"

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The father of Sixers third string PG Kendall Marshall decided to throw out some choice words on Twitter a few days back after his son was getting the shaft on the bench. Dennis Marshall implied, well, whatever you want to get out of these comments (Spoiler Alert: He throws a “White guys in basketball…” out there to the crowd).

SLAM – According to backup guard Kendall Marshall’s father Dennis—who has since deleted his Twitter account—the 24-year-old is stuck on the bench because he’s black. Marshall is playing behind both Ish Smith and T.J. McConnell (who is white), and putting up averages of 4.3 points and 3.9 assists on 34 percent shooting. Per the Philly Inquirer: “I always said there was racism in sports,” read the tweet, posted during Saturday’s setback to the Los Angeles Clippers. “White guys in basketball are getting every chance to succeed even when they aren’t doing (expletive).” Another tweet took a shot at another one of Marshall’s teammates. The player is believed to be reserve shooting guard Nik Stauskas, who is shooting 30 percent on three-pointers after making 6 of 8 against the Clippers.

Yup. Agree or disagree with his comments, that’s not exactly something a father of a NBA player should be running his mouth about on a public forum. So our neighborhood friendly Stoolie wanted more out of Mr. Marshall for these now deleted comments on Twitter. Pops decided to, for whatever reason, respond with a DM saying to call him.


Allllllll righty then…

Ah, the ol’ “I’m not racist by any means, but…”. The “That Being Said…” for adults who want to mousetrap themselves into oblivion. Agree with Mr. Marshall or not, that was a pretty good conversation from a father who I’m guarantee would be a first ballot HOF Little League Dad. Every time Kendall got taken off the diamond I bet Dennis went full John Chaney I’ll KILL YOU from the metal bleachers all the way to the coach’s throat). Props to him for saying “My son’s been playing like shit”, yet still thinking his journeyman kid should be out there getting a shot every night in the freaking NBA. The best of the best play. Albeit, Kendall’s window was small when Brett Brown told him he’d be the starter for the foreseeable future. But he didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. That should be that. No need to call out all the Crackers just trying to stay crisp in this league.

I honestly don’t know whether to comment Kendall’s pops or bash him for being this die hard about his kid to random people on Twitter. To each their own. But I seriously feel awful for Brett Brown if he’s actually dealing with bullshit from parents like he’s a high school JV coach. Well, as bad as I can feel for a millionaire with the greatest job security on the planet.

Big ups to Stoolie @evsoultrain.