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RG3 Was Inactive For Every Regular Season Game, Wasn't A Distraction, And Continued To Be a Great Member of the Washington DC Community

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I never thought RG3 could go a day, never mind an entire season, without being a distraction. For the last 3 years, he has been all over Instagram and Twitter every waking second, sometimes even responding to trolls. It was never a good look for him. People were getting in his head, and who knows if it changed the way he played on the field, but it certainly seemed like it. I wrote blog after blog about how he needs to act like a professional quarterback, and how the way he handled adversity off the field (or lack of handling it) resonated in the locker room with his teammates.

And here we are in playoffs week, a place RG3 led the Skins to his rookie season, and not a peep from RG3. He stands on the sidelines supporting and clapping. He goes to practice every day knowing he’s behind Colt McCoy on the depth chart. And he does it all without leaking anything to the media, without bitching anywhere, and without causing the slightest bit of drama. Meanwhile he still does a ton of work in the community, does charity events with a smile on his face, and yesterday pulled Skins fans out of the crowd just to make their day. I don’t know if RG3 will ever be a successful starter in the league again. He has flashes of brilliance and then has mental lapses going through his progressions, like most young QBs. His growth as a QB was stunted by injury after injury, but the former Heisman winner and number 1 overall pick, rookie of the year, and pro bowler still has enough talent to play in this league.

I certainly hope Kirk re-signs in DC and RG3 lands somewhere else and puts together a good career. It appears he has learned from his mistakes and is ready for the next phase. We’ve seen some AWFUL QB play this year…RG3 definitely is still a starter in this league. Every time they show his stats I wonder “what could have been”? So many things were messed up in his development. He’s still young though- I think he’ll get a few more shots.

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