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Raccoon Vs Cotton Candy Is The First Great Tragedy Of 2016



NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  The raccoon doesn’t understand!  You can’t get the cotton candy wet! Ugh.  A sadder sight these eyes have never seen. Then when he frantically searches for it?  Heartbreaking as shit.  It literally disappeared right in front of him. And there it is.  The first great tragedy of 2016. The worst part?  Nobody can explain to him what happened cause he’s a raccoon. He just thinks some sort of magical power stole his delicious cotton candy out from under him. It’s like when you accidentally step on a dog’s foot and they yelp in pain. The pain they feel is bad enough but what’s even worse is you can’t explain to them that it was an accident and you still love them with all your heart. So for like 10 seconds they think you’re the absolute devil and all you wanna do is cry. But then they remember they’re dogs and they’re the best and they love you anyway. But still, brutal for that poor raccoon.


PS- I laughed my ass off watching that to be honest. 361 days from now that’ll absolute be one of my #2016faves tweets if I can remember which I won’t.