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North Dakota Is Monopolizing All The Cawlidge Hawkey Highlights

Drake Caggiula. Undrafted senior at the University of North Dakota. Have yourself a day because holy shit that was absolutely beautiful. Hopefully it was ladies night at Ralph Engelstad Arena as he put on a show and completely undressed his defender there. Took that poor sack of shit to the prom and danced his ass off. Let’s see it again because it’s Sunday and we deserve nice things.


It’s one thing to pull that move around Champagne. It’s another thing to finish it off with a slick little backhand-forehand for the goal. And it takes everything to an entirely new level when you pull this shit off on the penalty kill. At the other end of the ice, North Dakota goaltender Cam Johnson recorded his 4th consecutive shutout. So yeah, the Fighting Sioux aren’t doing too bad lately. Especially considering they’re with 2 of their top guys, Brock Boeser and Nick Schmaltz, who are busy up in Helsinki dominating the galaxy with Team USA at the World Juniors. 16-2-2 overall and currently ranked 2nd in the nation. And just in case you forgot from a little over a month ago, here’s North Dakota completely redefining the Tic-Tac-Toe.

* North Dakota finally settled on a nickname replace since it’s 2015 and that makes the “Fighting Sioux” offensive. They decided on going with the Fighting Hawks, which I guess isn’t all too bad. Still could have been a billion times better though. I wrote this blog a while back but it’s worth re-visiting. Here are some great nickname suggestions that for some reason or another North Dakota will not be going with. Headlined by the “Anal Seepers” and “Big dick north dakotans”.

h/t Erik