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Pasadena Bloodbath

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I don’t have much to say about that game because that was a bloodbath of the highest degree and it fucking sucked and talking about it is only going to make me angrier. I can already hear Colin Cowherd and everybody else laughing in Iowa’s face come Monday.  Saying we are exactly who they thought we were. That Iowa was a good but not great team and had the advantage of a super weak schedule that allowed them to go 12-0.  And we probably deserve all of it after that display in the Rose Bowl against Stanford. The Hawks got exposed. Plain and simple. That was a blowout in its purest form. The final score of 45-16 looks bad but it was way worse than that.  The game was over at half time.  Shit, the game was over after the first quarter when the Hawks went down 21-0. Christian McCaffrey is a mother fucking MONSTER. Every time he touched the ball it looked like he was gonna score. I hadn’t watched much of Stanford this year but holy moly. McCaffrey has a different gear than everybody else. He was so good and Iowa was so bad that 3/4 of the game Jesse Palmer and Brent Musburger were spinning a narrative of, “Better keep watching this game because McCaffrey might break every record that has ever existed in this game.”  And they were right to do so because this game was over and over quick. Iowa fumbling on the last play of the game was perfectly horrific. Fuck.


It sucks that this season had to end like that.  If you had told me the Iowa Hawkeyes were going to go 12-2 in 2015 I would’ve checked you into the nearest insane asylum. Not even the most diehard Iowa fan would’ve dreamed of that. This team was supposed to win 7 games.  Tops. But thanks to guys like New Kirk, CJ Beathard, Desmond King, a stable of competent running backs, a young-but-formidable O line and an emerging defense they were able to do something special. This was the most fun Iowa team that I can remember and part of the reason why was because it came outta nowhere. Low expectations, high reward. That was 2015 Iowa football, baby. Rewind the clock 365 days and Iowa fans (myself included) were calling for Kirk Ferentz to be fired after getting demolished by Tennessee in a bowl game. So we went from that to having an undefeated regular season, playing in the B1G Championship and having a shot at the playoff.  Pretty unbelievable turnaround. It doesn’t feel that way right now because right now fucking sucks after that game.  But I enjoyed this season and will look back on it fondly at some point in time. That point in time is not right now however.



PS- How stupid does Carly Fiorina feel? Talk about a bad time to go turncoat and burn bridges. I kinda blame her for the loss if we’re being totally honest. Iowa hadn’t played that bad until she was aboard. Makes you think.