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#32 Ice Hockey Player Tries To Kill Himself While Leaving The Ice After Being Ejected From The Game




Let’s take a look at what life for Mitchell Skiba of the Alpena Flyers looks like right now. He plays Tier III junior hockey in the Midwest Junior Hockey League. His team is currently in 2nd to last place. He has to live in Alpena, Wherever The Fuck That Is, USA. And he just got tossed from the game. You’d be trying to take your own head off as well.

By the way, I’ve been trying to figure out what would be more embarassing. Leaving the stick out on the ice after he almost decapitated himself. Or go back out there to pick it up. I think he made the right move, but I’m still unsure.

Another by the way, those old Flyers jerseys are fire.


Video via @JessicaStarbard (WBKB)