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#48 Japanese High School Baseball Player Has The Most Absurd Pre-At Bat Routine Of All Time


This isn’t real right? This isn’t a real thing that this kid does? This is Japan being like “oh man America is so fucking gullible that we can get them all to believe this baseball player’s routine and make it go viral”. Like when they pretend they have gameshows where chicks randomly blow dudes on TV. Only explanation. Because I took one look at this video and immediately said to myself, how the hell is this kid not dead from a million baseballs in the ear hole? It doesn’t make sense. That has chin music written all over it. He waves his little baton bat and does his ninja routine and then you put a fastball in his eyeball. Either this was his first at bat ever in any game or it’s not real because this kid should be dead, and if saying that is wrong then I don’t want to be right.