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So It Looks Like Iowa Already Won The Rose Bowl

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Game. Set. Match.  The Rose Bowl is over before it even started.  It’ll be a surprise if Stanford even shows up on Friday after the beatdown they received from Iowa in the traditional pre-game eat off. It would’ve been one thing if the Iowa team had eaten 612 pounds of prime rib and the Stanford team had eaten something like 603 pounds. That would’ve been fine. Keep it close enough to be respectable.  But 612 to 504?  A 108-pound difference? That’s just embarrassing. Football is a man’s game played by men who can scarf down hundreds of pounds of meat. If your team can’t keep it within double digits in an eat off then you are completely fucked. I wouldn’t be surprised to see an unheard of amount of money come in on Iowa now and they become the favorites in this game.  Then on top of that there’s the 120 pounds of creamed corn to 90 pounds but that’s not even fair for obvious reasons.  Midwest boys clearly boys don’t fuck around when it comes to prime rib though. Iowa +6 is borderline stealing now. Get it while you can.