Would The World Stop Spinning If Tom Brady Got Busted For HGH?


It’s late. I got Pete’s Plunge tomorrow. I need to get my beauty sleep. But I just got to chime in real quick on this Al Jazeera story about Peyton Manning using HGH. Listen I don’t care that Peyton cheated. I don’t care that his entire public persona is a fraud. I’m just curious to see whether the NFL and the national media attack him with the same vigor they attacked Tom Brady. Whether they suspend him for 4 games. Whether Chris Mortensen makes up lies and then refuses to retract them. Whether Mark Brunell cries on National TV about the integrity of the game. Whether Roger Goodell makes it his personal life mission to ruin his image. We all know the answer already though. They won’t. I know that. You know know that. Everybody knows that. Because Peyton Manning is a media darling. He plays footsie with Chris Mortensen. He gives them what they want to hear.

And more importantly Peyton Manning is a loser. Nobody hates losers. They hate the guy who rapes and pillages their villages. They hate the guy they can’t beat. They hate the guy who impregnates their women. The guy who looks like a movie star. The guy who has it all. They guy who constantly hoists the Lombardi Trophy and spits in your eye. That’s why people hate Tom Brady. That’s why there are national investigations into who gives Tom massages while Al Qaeda is literally delivering HGH to Peyton’s doorstep and nobody blinks. That’s why people look for reasons to disparage Tom Brady and make excuse for Peyton. People hate the bully and weep for the guy who gets stuffed in lockers. The witchunt that is Deflategate has never been clearer than it is today.