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"Hey Gramps, Sing This New Carol At The Old Folks Home. It's Called 'Christmas Deez Nuts'"




So we just got this emailed to us, apparently the little kid rocking the shit out of that Yo Yo wrote a song for his grandfather to sing, the only lyrics being “Christmas Deez Nuts,” and didn’t tell him what it means.


I don’t really have too much to say about this, and maybe I think it’s funnier than it actually is, but I’m dying right now. When the camera panned over to the Gilmore Girls getting serenaded with “Christmas Deez Nuts” I almost choked. I don’t care what you say, that’s a funny fucking video. The little girl laughing, Yo Yo Ma holding in his laughter, and the grandpa thinking he’s singing some hip new song is downright hysterical. God bless grandparents, they’re so gullible like big, wrinkly babies. Sing the Deez Nuts song, gramps! Ethel and Gladys will love it, I swear! *Christmas deez nuts… ohhhhh Christmas deez nuts…. Christmas deez nuts* Yeah, that’s it! No put the mistletoe over your dick and go rub it in their face!