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Michigan State Hits Michigan With A Savage Low-Blow Troll Job Right Before The Holiday

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‘Twas the last play of the game
And in the Big House
Maize and blue fans were ready
“Little Brother!” they’d shout
Their team up by 2
Just 10 seconds remain
And thoughts of Paul Bunyan
Danced in their brains
Spartan Nation was glum
It seemed much too late
It stood 4th and 2
On the State 48
Coach D on the sideline
Gathered players to hear
They call them the Rangers
And their mission was clear
Every man knew his job
And each Ranger all
Come hell or high water
Must get to that ball
The teams took the field
Not a Spartan was back
They took to the line
And were primed to attack
Maize and blue fans may wonder
As they toss in their sleep
Why they had 2 gunners
When no one was deep
The snap came in low
So the punter reached down
The ball hit his hands
And then hit the ground
More rapid than eagles
Those Rangers they came
And Coach D he shouted
And called them by name
“Now, Macksood! Now, Harrell!”
“Now Leimbach and Grayson!”
“On, Dowell! On, Willis!”
“On Monty and Jalen!”
Then what to our wondering
Eyes did we see
But a forceful collision
And heard “The ball is free!”
That ball it took flight
In the chaotic action
And went straight to the hands
Of Jalen Watts-Jackson
Then off to the end zone
Those Rangers they sped
To flip it all upside down
In this game they’d not led
With blockers aplenty
And green grass in sight
A hero named Jackson
Was surrounded by white
And old Sean McDonough
Announcing that run-back
Couldn’t help that his vocal cords
Started to crack
As the ball crossed the goal line
Disbelief filled the air
With hands to their heads
The stunned crowd could just stare
The Rangers had done it
They’d finished the trip
The only casualty in white
Was poor Jackson’s hip
The clock read all zeroes
The Spartans had won
Their dream of a title
Was not yet quite done
And into the air
Of that Ann Arbor night
Rose loud Spartan cheers
Of “Go Green! Go White!”

Wow. An absolutely savage, diabolical, cruel, vicious, devastating troll job by the MSU Alumni Club. And on the day before Christmas Eve no less. Bah fucking Humbug.

But while we’re on the subject might as well relive the moment I guess, just for a memory refresher.

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Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 5.08.02 PM