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Woman Charged With Battery For Fighting Her Husband Who Wouldn't Stopped Farting In Bed Is Why Marriage Is Impossible

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Local 12 - A woman is facing a charge of battery for fighting with her husband who couldn’t stop passing gas. Donald Fitzroy Meikle told police his wife, Dawn, elbowed him on the arm when he passed gas in bed. This happened early in the morning on Dec. 11. Meikle said she eventually kicked him out of bed because his flatulence wouldn’t stop. The victim said his wife let him back into bed. He passed gas again, according to the report, and she started to kick and elbow him again. Meikle said he held his wife for his own safety. During the struggle, she suffered a broken lip and he suffered several scratches across his chest. Dawn called 911. Police said she also sprayed pepper spray to keep her husband out of the bathroom. Police arrested Dawn for domestic battery and took her to the St. Lucie County jail.


I don’t know how anyone gets married. Seems like your entire life has to change when you get married, and it’s not just the big things, it’s every little detail. For example, when you’re sick and you blow your nose and you just toss the tissue at the trash can. Miss? Oh well, figure that out later. But then I was like what if I was married. Chick comes home from a long day of work and sees a ring of fire around the trash can. That probably wouldn’t work. And then I continue thinking how it’s every little detail in life. Chicks are impossible enough as it is, how do you then commit to one for the rest of your life only to find out she will beat you up if you fart in bed? You can’t be having that. This bitch is punching and clawing and pepper spraying because he just wants to dutch oven his bitch. I can barely get a girl to agree to text me, he fucking MARRIED a woman without knowing how she’d react to his farting? It doesn’t make sense.