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On A Scale Of 1-10 How Much Fun Is Thibs Having This Season?

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Can we go over 10? Is infinity too high? I mean the guy has to be absolutely reveling in the 2015 Chicago Bulls circus act. Everyone hates the coach, the coach is best friends with Gar Forman, the best player calls out the coach and the team responds by losing at home to the Brooklyn Nets. The fucking Brooklyn Nets. I wrote about it yesterday but this team is quietly (and now not so quietly) unraveling. It’s a mess. Derrick won’t listen and play with pace, Pau is sulking, Jo got hurt last night and who knows how long he’ll be out, and Jimmy wants to be the man even though no one will listen to him. If Jerry Reinsdorf cared about the Bulls even half as much as he cares about the Sox I feel like something, anything, would be done. But this Front Office somehow has a lifetime pass. The roster is going nowhere, the coach is probably miserable because he’s been stuck with a group that won’t listen and play his way, and everyone on the team is tired of playing together. And then you have Thibs. He had to go, there was no choice, but holy shit does he come out the big winner in all of this. Players complaining about the team being soft and guys not being accountable, not pushing themselves. That basically describes everything that Thibs isn’t. His system has yet to prove that it can go all the way but he also wasn’t losing to the Nets at home during a mini-crisis when everyone’s effort was being questioned. You made your bed Gar/Pax, time to take a long nap in it.